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My gallery includes every kind of art I come up with: poetry, fiction, fan fiction, Sims 2 screen shots, and the occasional doodle.

I'm very proud of my ability to write. I'm good with words, imagery, and character creation, but not so much with plot. My poems are all free-form to some degree, some rhyming but most not.

When it comes to visual art, I'm good with layout, style, and anatomy, but I kind of suck at the actual "holding the pencil" part. I love designing pages for comics, or depicting the nature of a person.

As for Sims pictures? I know not everybody considers them art, but know that I only upload pictures that I feel have some real humor or beauty to them. Often if I really want to get a particular shot, I'll take several pictures of the same scene to choose from, like a photo shoot. In my opinion, the creativity and possibilities possible with Sims 2 make it a legitimate way to create art as long as A) nobody's trying to make money off of it and B) one actually puts EFFORT into taking good pictures rather than just taking random shots.

I hope you find something meaningful and/or entertaining in my gallery. :)

Random Favourites


Actually, I usually do comment as long as there aren't already thousands of other comments and the artist actually understands English or Spanish. But anyway, there's way too much drama over the favorites/categories system. If I like something and really want to look at that piece of art again, I add it to my favorites, simple as that.

(Also, if anything mentions me, I'm bound to favorite it. I do love attention!)






It is made of memes and 4koma.
United States
About me:

AKA: Tori, NOT "Tori Butt"
Weight: || orz
Height: 5'6"
Eye color: blue
Hair color: Blond
Blood Type: A+
Constellation: Cancer
Birthday: July 10
Occupation: Chocolatier / Tutor / Lollygagger
Influences: Tezuka Osamu, CLAMP
Tools of the trade: Acer laptop, red DS Lite, crab purse
Likes: games, writing, reading, roleplaying, fangirling over stuff, dragons, Pokémon, clickpets, Lady Gaga, LOLcats
Dislikes: bigots, computer viruses, organized religion, how there is a furry version of everything, your god-awful Mary-Sue
Special talent: Making fun of your punctuation and spelling
Personality: obsessive, passive, anxious

About my Art:

- The weird open, existential stuff in my brain every now and then drips out one ear and floats off in a bubble of poetry. When this happens, I swat it with a piece of paper and SPLOOSH! -- A work of art!

- I can only...sort of draw. I'm working on that.

- deviantART is full of fanwank. Butthurting over that fact will only make it worse. That said...I rather enjoy fanwank!
OLLO! I'm back. Thought that, if I'm delurking artwise, I should update my journal as well.

Usually, when I spend a ridiculous amount of time NOT posting anything to deviantART or one of my other haunts, I'm either extremely busy or just plain depressed. Neither is the case this time, though it's not like things are exactly rosy.

The truth is...most of the friends I have here simply ditched. They're sick of dA, and I understand why. The site's not the most responsive to users, and has questionable concepts of what's acceptable (tracings and ripoffs apparently) and what's not (depictions of male or gay sexuality that would be acceptable if they were female, straight, or lesbian). So...I don't approve of those issues, but I'm not quite sure where I stand because I'm not leaving. There's nowhere else I really like that much besides LiveJournal, and even that I don't take full advantage of. Here, I honestly enjoy looking at and reading art--not just fanart.

Now that I've got that out of the way...

- In case you didn't hear this yet, RP-ikkou is finally history. I'm not sure exactly when SashiRine decided to do this, but everyone knew it was coming. It was good while it lasted, hm? Not that any former members are reading this...

- Everyone in my family continues to have embarrassing health problems of every sort. I am beyond a doubt the least whiny and depressed of the bunch. Friends I have talked to, heard from, or read the blogs of lately seem pretty bummed out too, so I don't have any fresh stories of them. What this is?? At least my co-workers seem cheerful, but they are always always like that.

- In the past few months, I've seen Lady Gaga and the Gorillaz live. Yes. Both shows were fantastic.

- I also saw Megamind this past weekend. YOU GUYS. YOU HAVE TO SEE THIS MOVIE. Megamind himself is freaking KYOOT and followed everywhere by an awesome 80's metal soundtrack. I am now of the mind that every movie should have AC-DC in it. I can't remember the last time I enjoyed a kids' movie this much that wasn't Studio Ghibli.

- I've been writing and composing ideas a LOT lately. No, none for you just yet. Most of these are the mythologies (so to speak) behind the characters in my original stories--the moments in their stories or backstories that give you a sense of who they are. More finished ones could easily wind up here, but for now I'm just taking it as it comes and trying to utilize as much inspiration as possible. I've also got a few great Hetalia story ideas, but that's not really what I'm focusing on right now.

- The coming of autumn and end of Daylight Savings Time generally breeds madness in me. In truth, I'm taking it better than I usually do. So long as I can keep myself engaged and DOING things, I can at least keep myself too busy to get stressed out...though I suppose I'm rather stressed anyway. Who isn't?

- Sassy Gay Friend. You know how, back in high school, there were a couple of weird kids who inexplicably enjoyed reading Shakespearean plays? I was one of them, so long as everything was comprehensively footnoted, that is. Sassy Gay Friend's down-to-earth take on the plight of literary characters is refreshing and cracks me up. He's a damn smart bitch.

- I want a blue Tsutarja. I will name him Francis. You don't want to know what he does to the Pokémon he defeats...

Anyone reading, anyone giving a crap, do comment and tell me how your lives are. But not all at once, no...whenever I see more than two new messages on my devwatch, I worry that I've unwittingly sparked another troll attack.
  • Listening to: the wind and Ludwig's hard disk
  • Watching: The Amazing Atheist
  • Playing: GPX+
  • Drinking: flat seltzer

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